Diggy diggy hole..

I started to modify the upper canyon wall to be less “artificially edgy”. While I was looking at the old wall element the dwarven miner guild requested an entrance into the rock of the canyons to explore the depths. I HAD to take their threats into account and dug a hole…


Cuddle, anyone?

Here it is. The Poison Leasher in its pixel version. Spikes extended. In game the animation will probably not show all at once but let them wander from outside to center or from center to the outside. We will see, when I start to do animation.


The Bullet, the Canyon and the poisonous plant

Here we are with another update. Its … the bullet! See for yourself and gasp in awe…

RevolverBulletIt is not the only new addition to my collection of game graphics. The following shows the canyon tiles which are currently far too even and also the dithering needs some work. Click the image for full size.

map_canyonLast but not least a quick sketch for a smaller cactus which will eventually find its way into the tileset. Enjoy the poison leasher ( does that sound weird?)

Posion Leasher


Nothing new?

Yes but no but yes but nothing that could be shown here so far and nobody wants to see placeholders like in my tileset and one set of bullets.

Currently, I am figuring out how I want to do canyons , mountains etc… and my first ideas sucked!

So.. stay tuned 🙂