Colors and tiles

I mixed a lot of colors into my palette which made it harder to create harmonizing graphics. After reading a bit about the right connections within color palettes I came up with the following:


Next, it was time to go for the tileset. At the beginning of the project, my idea was to use the floor tiles, chests and barrels from Michele Bucelli’s cute dungeon tileset on   opengameart ( he is doing really neat stuff!)  and extend it to fit my needs. My saloon was already using the same palette and showed me that 16 by 16 pixels per tile might be too small for what I am up to. The base character made clear that it is too small.

The conclusion was… recreate the floor tiles at a bigger scale. 32 by 32 pixels. The result is far from perfect but a good start. A lot is missing: more tiles to bring in variation, skulls and bones, some plants – and I don’t mean the bad cactus  – and something like cart tracks, paths and crashed alien vessels … 😉


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